Blackbox Technologies International, formerly known as Edelhoff Technologies USA, is a leading manufacturer specializing in producing industrial life support systems and specialized anti-panic breathing apparatus for inert-entry atmospheres.

Our products are designed to ensure the safety of workers who use them and we aim to maintain superior standards of quality and performance. Our goal is to provide reliable and effective systems that inspire confidence in service companies within the industry.

We are committed to empowering forward-thinking leaders and providing innovations that have a positive impact, not just on their organization, but on the entire industry as well.

What We Do


We have introduced digital life support control technologies for the confined space market. Our patented system is based on industry-proven technologies and we ensure reliability by designing, developing, and building it into every system.


We prioritize safety above all else and stand behind our life support systems with full confidence. Our advanced air monitoring technology offers the highest level of safety for inert entry-catalyst industries.


We understand how crucial it is to protect your investment. To ensure safe operations and long service life, we provide annual and routine OEM recertification and a comprehensive maintenance program between jobs.


The NIOSH, National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) Respirator Approval Program, is responsible for evaluating and approving respirators for use within U.S. workplace settings. NPPTL certifies that all respirator models meet the minimum construction, performance, and respiratory protection standards.

Blackbox is certified, audited frequently, and produces equipment in accordance with NIOSH, 42 CFR Part 84.

Our Location

Our company is located in Houston, Texas, which is widely recognized as a world capital of the oil and gas industry.

Our strategic location provides us with logistically convenient access to many of our customers and allows efficiently expedited services while on the job.

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